Welcome to Collège du Léman
Congratulations to our students who had fantastic results and thank you to all the teachers who have contributed to this tremendous success through their guidance, support and patience.

Results IB 2014:
- Success rate: 97%
- 9 students gained 40 points and more.

Results AP 2014:
- Success rate: 89%

This is a fantastic result which is underlined by the fact that our top students have met their conditional offers and have been accepted to Cambridge, Oxford, Princeton University, University of Chicago, McGill and EPFL. More details to come in September...
Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular program is 
NOW AVAILABLE and registrations are opened!
Please click on this link to view the hand book 2014-2015 and find the registration forms. 

Presentations around the world
Meet the Admissions around the world !
  • September 15-18   Brasil, Belo Horizonte
  • September 18-23   Brasil, Sao Paolo
  • September 24-25   Brasil, Rio de Janeiro
  • September 26-28   Colombia, Bogota
  • September 29        Colombia, Cali
  • September 30.09-03  Ecuador, Guayaquil
  • October 04-06       Ecuador, Quito
  • October 13-15       Mexico, Monterrey
  • October 16-18       Mexico, Mexico City
  • October 20-22       Mexico, Puebla
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For more information or for an application, do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office.

Phone Number: +41 22 775 55 55
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